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FA-26 Opinion Piece
The New FA-26 is Nilpeter's latest move into the constantly transforming flexible packaging market.
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The latest and widest flexo press we have ever developed, the 670 mm wide FA-26 presents a significant shift in product strategy. We’re entering new markets, with all the well-known Nilpeter features, and setting new standards within flexibility, sustainability, fast job change-overs, and automation. Now made possible for the wider web conventional flexible packaging segment, where job-changes traditionally are more timely and more expensive. At Nilpeter, we have seen increased market interest for quite some time now, both from our existing label print customers, and from flexible packaging printers, geared towards inline printing of pouches, flow packs, form-fill-seal as well as converting of shrink sleeves, in shorter runs, and smaller batches.

Outstanding features and benefits from our existing label printing presses
With the new FA-26, we are able to offer the same, outstanding features and benefits from our well-known label printing press program - high quality flexo printing, UV, solvent or water based, combined with many inline converting processes - on a wide variety of new substrates, recyclable and biodegradable plastic substrates included. This is made possible thanks to the very comprehensive and advanced automation system from our line of label printing presses, transferred to wider web printing to provide a very sustainable and lean performance. 

The flexibility of the new FA-26
Recyclable and biodegradable plastic substrates are a big part of this new development with a keen focus on more environmentally friendly materials. The flexibility of the new FA-26 allows converting of newly developed substrates as well as traditional, combined with different laminating technologies – enabling different lamination systems to create recyclable packaging applications.

New opportunities for label printers and flexible packaging converters
The printing world is quickly evolving in a direction where sustainability is as important as costs or technical features. As manufacturers, it is our responsibility to establish a route that combines advanced technical features with sound economics and sustainable production - to avoid that one of these elements becomes an obstacle for the other two. Printing and converting inline, thus limiting waste, open new opportunities for label printers as well as flexible packaging converters, enabling them to offer short run value-added flexible packaging products.

Furthermore, the press has attracted new technological developments from flexible packaging OEM’s, leaving us both very excited and optimistic for the future. The ability to print and create a fully functional laminate inline, by utilizing solvent dry lamination or E-Beam, is quite clearly very sought after in the market. The E-Beam enables PET/PET instant cured lamination - a recyclable construction for flexible packaging - made possible by the high level of accuracy in manufacturing, and the accurate and automatic save and recall of process parameters.

A successful launch at Labelexpo Europe 2019
Nilpeter sees the new FA-26 as a cornerstone in its wide array of product offerings, providing a much needed alternative to traditional flexible packaging printers, as well as label printers, in the development of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. This was evident already after the soft launch at Labelexpo Europe 2019, where we displayed a single FA-26 printing unit, that created great interest, and initiated a host of project conversations. Since then, we have done numerous trials with several printing companies, and the results have quite literally exceeded our expectations, but more importantly, the expectations of our existing and potential customers from a perspective of quick job changes and very little running waste. The FA-26’s low TCO is impressive, and the first orders are already confirmed for deliveries in 2020.

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