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Texas Converter Strengthens Position in Short-Run Flexible Packaging with Nilpeter FA-26
TQL Packaging Solutions continue its advancement in packaging films printing with Nilpeter’s multi-faceted, in-line FA-26 flexographic press. By Danielle Jerschefske.
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TQL Packaging Solutions (TQL), based in Dallas, Texas, will continue its advancement in packaging films printing with an exciting investment in Nilpeter’s multi-faceted, in-line FA-26 flexographic press. With 10-color stations, UV-LED curing lamps, and both UV and E-Beam lamination capability all in-line, the flexibility of TQL’s FA-26 flexo press is truly distinctive.

The FA-26 is the widest press released to the global market to date by the Danish manufacturer, and this installation is the first of any in Nilpeter’s press series to include in-line E-Beam lamination. The press has been designed to maximize the profitability of short-run conversion of film structures for pouches, sachets, stick packs and shrink sleeves.

The FA-26 carries the same features and benefits the Nilpeter brand is regarded for in narrow web printing market combined with wider throughput, and a new a printhead design – all supported by comprehensive and advanced automation systems.

“It is rare for a piece of equipment to exceed my expectations,“ says Scott Smith, TQL Packaging Solutions founder. “I knew the Nilpeter FA-26 would be a great press, but it has delivered beyond what I expected in performance.“

Already realizing growth in flexible packaging and shrink sleeve label markets using narrow web films presses, it made sense to advance into a wider format press. “We’ve done well to jump to 26 inches,“ says Smith. “At this width, we’re able to address a piece of the market that we had not been wide enough to service previously.”

The increased width has greatly improved the converter’s hourly throughput. Additionally, the wider web brings greater opportunity to capture new business in several popular formats and designs that require a printing web greater than twenty inches.

The FA-26 brings a new landscape printhead design to the in-line flexo machine that supports execution of premium print quality across the additional web width. Eight motors drive and control each printhead with closed loop feed back to the PLC.

Smith explains, “Nilpeter’s technology in the FA-26 has jumped from previous films presses. The landscape design of the printhead is awesome. It greatly minimizes the bounce that some images produce on our traditional film presses, and it allows us to increase speed.”

TQL is effectively running jobs at or below 25,000 feet, setting up faster than its narrower equipment with set-up automation, and doubling the speeds it regularly runs on 16” presses. With job memory and auto-register, TQL operators are able to efficiently web the press and dial-in settings to produce saleable product quickly with less waste and higher quality.

Adds Smith, “We are noticing far better efficiencies in set-up, and less waste, even with a much wider web than we’re used to running.”

Flexo Competes with Gravure Quality
TQL targets business with complex graphics that require photo image quality and soft edges. Traditionally flexible packaging and other printed films markets have demanded offset and gravure printing to produce the crisp, fade-to-zero images that catch a shopper’s eye on pouches and sachets, enticing them to purchase.

Smith explains, “There’s a huge number of buyers out there that want the super high quality and consistency that they’re used to getting from gravure. This new press allows us to deliver on that expectation with quicker turnaround and lower cost.”

Jakob Landberg, Global Sales Director at Nilpeter, explains, “All our presses are manufactured to the highest accuracy in-house. The frames are welded together and powder coated, with all drilling, grinding and threading processes completed in one step. In this way, when our customers store positions in the job files, jobs can be recalled to the tightest tolerance with the presses holding ultra-tight register over the run length, and consistency from job to job.”

The advancement in flexographic technology – digital artwork development and HD plating, new ink and curing systems and more – throughout the print market supports the precision and flexibility designed into the FA-26 press.

Flexibility and Sustainability
The packaging converter selected options for its FA-26 press to bring the business distinct advantages in flexibility and sustainability. With UV-LED curing and in-line E-Beam lamination, TQL is stronger in servicing customer short-run flexible packaging requirements with any variety of materials coupled with various ink systems and laminating technologies.

TQL chose a UV-LED curing system, with lamps that are cool to touch, making them more compatible with heat sensitive substrates. A UV-LED system uses significantly less energy than traditional LED systems, and can be turned on and used instantly with the intensity required to fully cure inks, bringing more speed to the converter’s turnaround time. The UV-LED lamps are also highly durable when compared to traditional mercury systems, lasting longer and demanding fewer part changes to meet performance needs over time.

TQL’s FA-26 is equipped to cure UV and E-Beam lamination adhesives to produce a wide variety of flexible packaging. E-Beam lamination has proven film-bonding properties with multiple substrates including BOPP, PET and LDPE based sealant films, aluminum foil, and papers. EB laminated structures exhibit good water, and food resistance, are suitable for food packaging with FDA compliance, and are odorless.

Smith admits, “Nilpeter’s ability to integrate E-Beam lamination into the press, achieving the smooth level of communication required to meet the quality and speed we need to service our customers has been impressive.”

Pandemic Aside
Twenty-five percent of the work TQL produces is for the food and beverage market. Once COVID-19 hit and consumer demand spiked, the converter produced a year’s worth of volume between March and May 1.

Smith tells, “The challenges of COVID-19 have been moderately high for us as a company. However, we had less challenges in the installation of this press than in most previous new press installations. Now consider that this is a beta press with a major retrofit piece of equipment, the first of its design, and the challenges that typically come with a beta press, I think Nilpeter did exceptionally well.”

Landberg says, “The installation success can be attributed to Nilpeter’s strong local technical support in North America and our close collaboration with the TQL team. The press was flown to Texas from Denmark, installed, and integrated with the lamination unit with very few challenges.”

TQL expects to hit capacity on its new press in the next six months with its financial trends showing growth between 30-40 percent for the end of 2020, and a pipeline that could promise 100 percent growth to kick off 2021.

Smith continues, “The market for what the machine can do is so much greater than what we estimated. Between new work and cutting in on traditional gravure business, the future looks bright for our business, and I expect we’ll need a second FA-26 very soon.”

Caption: New technologies, new capabilities... Back to the future with Nilpeter! From left to right: Don Morris, General Manager, Scott Smith, Owner/President, and Greg Swindle, Production Manager, TQL Packaging Solutions.

Caption: The FA-26 landscape design printing unit ensures optimum register and consistent high print quality at all speeds.

Caption: The Nilpeter FA-26 is designed for value-added flexible packaging and labels.

Caption: Jakob Landberg, Sales & Marketing Director, Nilpeter A/S.

Macfarlane Labels Invests in 10-Colour Nilpeter FA-17
Longtime Nilpeter partner, Macfarlane Labels, has invested in a 10-colour Nilpeter FA-17 to meet increasing workloads during the COVID-19 pandemic within the company’s regular product offerings. The new press joins a fleet of five other Nilpeter presses at Macfarlane.
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Macfarlane Labels provides high quality, self-adhesive and resealable labels to a wide range of sectors including food, health and beauty, household products, beverages and pharmaceuticals.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, the company has seen a growth in demand of labelling and packaging products, creating both challenges and opportunities that have lead to the acquisition of the new 10-colour Nilpeter FA-17.

Customer Brands Perfectly Presented
“This significant investment for our label business in Kilmarnock is in response to increasing and changing demands from our customers and their consumers,” commented Angela Campbell, resealable labels director at Macfarlane Labels. “This latest technology in printing, produces the highest label quality to ensure that our customers’ brands are perfectly presented. The press allows us to meet our customers’ ever changing needs and demands, led by innovative marketing trends,” added Campbell.

Pushing Forward During a Pandemic
“It is great to see Macfarlane pushing forward with new technology in the midst of a pandemic. Macfarlane has a fleet of Nilpeter presses, and the FA-17 brings the latest technology to allow greater production and less waste,” says Nick Hughes, Managing Director, Nilpeter Ltd.

Proven Technology
Nilpeter’s FA-Line is the most versatile flexo press on the market – designed to accommodate the printer’s ever-growing needs, and built around the modern print operator, with an intuitive user interface and fully mobile print controls. A benchmark of flexibility and modularity, the FA allows printers to enhance the performance of their press with Value-Adding Units, Application and Automation Packages, according to application needs and budget. All main components are produced in-house, meaning higher production quality and control. Nilpeter’s LEAN production flow and uniform facilities in Denmark and the US assure delivery worldwide.

About Macfarlane Labels
With over 40 years of industry experience, Macfarlane Labels provides high quality, self-adhesive and resealable labels to a wide range of sectors including food, health and beauty, household products, beverages and pharmaceuticals.

Macfarlane Labels employs 96 people and supplies 350 customers in the UK, Ireland, Europe, and the USA. The company operates state-of-the-art production and R&D facilities in the UK, Ireland, and Sweden, running six days a week to guarantee competitive lead times and flexibility to fulfil the specific requirements of every customer. As part of Macfarlane Group PLC, founded in 1949, Macfarlane Labels has access to all the resources, knowledge, and expertise of a well-established and fully listed UK public company.

Macfarlane Labels’ team of industry experts has earned a strong reputation for the design, printing, and supply of high quality self-adhesive and resealable labels. Many of the world’s leading manufacturers of FMCG products trust and rely upon Macfarlane Labels to ensure their products are perfectly presented.

Australian MAXTEQ Appointed as New Nilpeter Agent
Nilpeter Asia Pacific is pleased to announce that Australian based MAXTEQ has been appointed as the new local Nilpeter agent.
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For many years, Nilpeter Asia Pacific has managed sales in Australia and New Zealand from their regional headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, but have now decided to engage a local partner to further support Nilpeter’s existing set-up in Australia and to drive future sales.

”The Australia and New Zealand markets have always been special to Nilpeter, both historically, as well as from a more recent perspective,” comments Erik Blankenstein, Sales Director for Nilpeter Asia Pacific.
”These markets are not only diverse, they are foremost quality-driven. And generally, this is where the Nilpeter proposition comes in best.”

”Having MAXTEQ on board will enhance our market approach and improve our local availability. Furthermore, the level of expertise of Andrew Maxwell and his team at MAXTEQ has impressed us,” adds Jeff Novice, Nilpeter Service Australia. ”We are excited, and believe this partnership will create a beneficial mix of commercial and technical knowledge that, in the end, will allow us to better address customer requirements locally.”

Founded in 1919 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Nilpeter has since grown into one of the most recognised and renowned narrow-web press manufacturers in the world.

With major production facilities in Europe, the USA and South-Asia, Nilpeter operates in more than 70 countries worldwide, and markets a well-defined range of press-lines; offering complete printing solutions and aiming to create simplicity for customers in their desired press selection and optimisation of their production workflow.

Since its introduction in 2017, the latest edition of the popular FA-Line has proven to be an unparalleled asset in adding value to both printing-quality and productivity in a wide variety of market segments.

Green-Label Adds Second Nilpeter FA-17
Long-time Nilpeter customer, Green-Label of Aarhus, Denmark, has acquired a second Nilpeter FA-17, adding capacity in order to meet increasing customer demands. Nilpeter is pleased to continue the great, long-standing relationship with Green-Label.
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Value-Adding Options
Green-Label’s new 8-colour FA-17 features the added registration and film application packages, a rail system for value-adding options, soft-tension unwind and UV-lamination, and more. The FA-Line offers easy press operation for both flexible packaging and label jobs, with quick job setup and changeovers. The press is scheduled for installation in the third quarter of 2020.

Tailored for Quick Turnarounds
“The new press is tailored for quick turnarounds, and a perfect fit for the majority of our orders; 6-7-8 colours with lamination, setup, go. Changing from one six-colour job to another typically takes around 15 minutes – that’s as fast, if not faster, than on our smaller machines. That’s why we bought it, and we’re positive it will add to our flexibility and competitiveness,” says co-owner of Green-Label, Claus Grønning.

“We’ve seen the reliability of the FA-17 first hand, and the limited need for service. Colour change, sleeve change etc. is very easy, the user friendliness is way up there, and the print quality is second-to-none. And obviously, having all the sleeves, dies, and tooling from the first press is an added bonus,” he continues.

“This latest press installation makes five in total from the popular FA-Line program at Green-Label, and we are very pleased to continue the great, long-standing relationship. In the past three months we have sold three FA-Line presses to three Danish label printers, who have all experienced decent growth in spite of recent COVID-19 challenges,” says Jesper Jørgensen, Global Sales Manager, Nilpeter A/S.

Green-Label’s First Nilpeter FA-17
The first FA-17, installed in August 2017, hit the ground running with a crisp-bag collaboration between specialists in pre-press, material, press, inks, and curing. The result was on display at LabelExpo Europe 2017. This press has since been fitted with a cross-over unit and lamination tower, among other equipment upgrades, to better serve customers with more advanced, high specialty jobs and projects.

About Green-Label
Green-Label offers self-adhesive labels in all sizes for the food, chemical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. See more at


Master Label Installs the Largest Nilpeter Flexo Press in Indonesia
Master Label, Indonesia’s premier printing company, has acquired a 22’’ Nilpeter FA-Line with 12 UV-flexo printing units, gravure, and cold foil. In short, the largest Nilpeter flexo press installed in Indonesia.
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A Trusted Label Consultant
Like Nilpeter, Master Label is a family-owned company with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. A trusted label consultant to numerous local and international premium brands and promising start-ups, Master Label supplies Health & Beauty labels for all high-end brand owners in the region, in addition to labels and flexible packaging products in Food & Beverage, Household Care, Pharmaceuticals, Special Chemicals, Specialty and Smart Packaging. To remain Indonesia’s leading label supplier, by providing high quality value-adding solutions to their customers, Master Label has established working relationships with a variety of qualified suppliers and market leaders in the industry, both locally and internationally.

Installation During the COVID-19 Crisis
The 22’’ Nilpeter FA-Line was delivered to Master Label at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, making this a very challenging installation. Nevertheless, the respective teams worked tirelessly to complete the task, adhering to all social distancing guidelines.
The modular, multi-substrate 22’’ FA-Line provides a maximum level of stability, the tightest register tolerance, and excellent printing results on multiple substrates; all normal self-adhesive materials, including flexible packaging films, polymer films, metallic films, and paper. Furthermore, the FA-Line’s open frame provides easy access for quick job setups and changeovers.

The Ideal Choice
“Nilpeter and the new FA-Line is the ideal choice for us to further cement our position as Indonesia’s premier printing company. We look forward to a long and rewarding partnership with Nilpeter concerning printing presses, consumables, and ancillary equipment,” says Mr. Dharmadi Bongso, Owner of Master Label.

"The new investment will take Master Label to a new level through higher production efficiency and printing quality. The new FA-22 is configured to a degree where we can meet all demands from the market, while also exploring new opportunities. Since installation, we’ve run shrink sleeves, PE-material, tobacco, and long-run label jobs, benefitting from the fast changeovers, easy setup, and extremely good material handling. The press has a technical specification, which enables us to cater to the label printing market as well as the flexible packaging market, which continues to grow in Indonesia," Mr. Dharmadi Bongso concludes.

Credit to Commitment
The order from Master Label is a direct result of Nilpeter’s intensified effort in Indonesia. Since the beginning of 2018, Nilpeter Asia Pacific has operated a sub-company from Jakarta, more precisely in the industrial area of Chikarang, with a team consisting of sales, administration, and technical staff.

”This is a credit to our commitment to the Indonesian market. Since our new office in Jakarta was established, we have been able to support the Indonesian Nilpeter users even better. We already have a 24/7-hotline service in place on all Nilpeter presses, but the physical presence is sometimes required. Delivering great service to our customers is really important to Nilpeter and our team in Jakarta is able to support all of Indonesia instantly,” says John Andersen, Managing Director, Nilpeter Asia Pacific Co. Ltd.

“Nilpeter and Master Label have been working together for years, but it is not until now that we have installed a Nilpeter press in this unique configuration in the Master Label Jakarta factory. We are really happy to see the partnership strengthen and look forward to support Master Label in the future. Needless to say, Master Label is strongly underlining their position as a leading printer in the region,” he concludes. 

Nilpeter Joins Innovation Fund Project
Nilpeter joins innovation fund project to develop reusable mono plastic food packaging.
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Food packaging often ends up being incinerated due to it being a composite product, which cannot be separated and properly reused. A large number of players are now joining forces to develop a technology that will make flexible plastic packaging reusable.

Around 50% of the plastic found in household waste is flexible films from, for example, food packaging. Of these, half are multi laminate films - plastics composed of different types of plastics – which are very difficult to recycle for the same purpose.

In addition to posing a major environmental challenge, both locally and globally, this will also be very costly for food manufacturers in the future. According to a EU directive, which comes into force in 2025, manufacturers will have to pay for the recycling of the plastic used in connection with their products.

In the Circular Mono Plastic Packaging Project, two technologies will be developed that enable the production of flexible packaging made of a single plastic type, so that food packaging can be recycled to a greater extent.

This will significantly reduce Danish burning of plastics, and simultaneously provide a competitive advantage to Danish companies that can offer solutions to the increased recycling requirements European food manufacturers will soon face. The Danish Innovation Fund has invested DKK Euro 1.5 million in the project.

Packaging Challenges for Food Manufacturers
”As part of Arla's sustainability strategy, we would like to develop more reusable packaging. It's just not that simple. On one hand, food packaging must help to prevent food waste, which has a negative impact on our climate. On the other hand, we would like our packaging to be recyclable. Today, a lot of cheese is wrapped in multi laminate films. We want to replace this with the more reusable plastic type, monofilm. Therefore, we hope this project will enable us to both protect our food products, and ensure the possibility of recycling the packaging of the future,” says Lise Berg Kildemark, Director of Sustainable Packaging at Arla Foods.

Technologies to be Developed
The project will develop two key technologies, both of which can be implemented on the regular printing lines, where the packaging film is already being decorated.

The first technology shall enable plasma coating of the film to achieve the density necessary to protect the food. This will be done at ordinary atmospheric pressure, with equipment already used in print shops.

The second technology shall enable welding of the PET film, commonly used in plasma coating, on regular package printing lines. This must also be done at the print shops, where a thin welding layer is applied at the precise point where the film is to be welded.

Circular Economy
During the next three years, the project will not only develop these two key technologies. Early in the project, the new packaging materials will be applied in practice on dairy products. The same amount of packaging must be simulated collected, processed and then reused as new packaging. During the course of the project, the parties expect the same plastic to be recycled 3 - 5 times so that any possible quality degradation can be studied.

A particular challenge in using recycled materials is hygiene and food safety, which are part of the development project right from the start.

Project Participants
Arla Foods
participates in the project order to make their packaging more sustainable. Arla Foods will function as the overall project manager to ensure the project's relevance to the food industry. In addition, Arla Food will make available their trial package printing lines.

The Danish Technological Institute participates with their Center for Plastics and Packaging Technology. Together with DTU, The Danish Technological Institute will conduct the research activities while simultaneously function as the project administrator.

Technical University of Denmark (DTU) participates with two different specialties. DTU Chemical Engineering will participate in the development of printable welding ink. DTU Food will participate in order to make recycled packaging films suitable for food contact.

Nilpeter, who manufactures printing machines, is responsible for ensuring that the new technologies can be integrated in print shops of the future, and will make available their test printing facilities for practical trials.

Resino Trykfarver is responsible for developing and producing printable welding inks.

Trepko, who manufactures packaging machines, will ensure that the new packaging solutions work on existing industry packing machines.

Vetaphone, who manufactures surface treatment machines for print shops, will assist in the development of the plasma coating technology, in order to add the necessary density to the monoplastic films.

Damberg & Co. is a supplier of plastic films for the food industry, and in this project, will be responsible for the circular material economy by producing new films from the recycled plastic packaging incl. washing and blow-molding new films.

Salling Group, who runs the supermarket chains Bilka, Føtex and Netto among others, participate and represent the retail industry in this project.

Dansk Affaldsforening is an association of the Danish waste and recycling companies, and will in this project ensure that the solutions can actually be recycled.

The Danish Food and Drink Federation (DI Fødevarer) represents the food industry broadly in this project.

Socipack Installs Second 22” Wide FA-Line in West Africa
Leading Ivory Coast flexible packaging printer, Socipack, has installed their second Nilpeter 22” wide FA-Line to great success in the West African region.
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Socipack was created in 2016 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Already operating within several plastics segments, from film extrusion, injection, blow molding, and woven sacks. Socipack was created to produce high-quality flexible packaging for the West African region.

In the beginning, this was done by acquiring a couple of complete CI flexo lines with inline finishing, as well as 5-layer co-extrusion film production machinery.

Two Nilpeter Presses Installed
Immediately, the label market was also targeted. A fully equipped 8-colour Nilpeter FA-6* flexo press was installed in 2017, and after installation, Mr Hassan ABDALLAH, General Manager, mentioned that market needs would lead to a second press in the near future. In 2019 the company’s second Nilpeter 22” wide FA-Line landed in Abidjan, this time a 10-colour press, to meet the increasing capacity of labels in this market. Today, Socipack is running the two Nilpeter lines in three shifts.

Socipack’s high quality label production has led to many return customers, who are now benefitting from the company’s region leading shrink-sleeve capabilities in primary packaging, food packaging, and more. Unique technologies can be implemented, from holographic effects to high quality finishing.

Bright Future and Expansion Plans
Thanks to professional management and very high confidence in their partnership with Nilpeter and BLG International, Socipack has established European manufacturing standards in their region of Africa, with a bright future ahead complete with ambitious expansion plans, possibly venturing into other countries.

Finewebtech Increases Production Capacity With New Nilpeter FA-17
Finewebtech of South Korea has seen a 20% increase in production capacity following the installation of their new Nilpeter FA-17. The company has already signed on for two additional Nilpeter FA-Line presses to further expand and streamline the business. 
Image collection:

Finewebtech was founded in 1987 in the South Korean capital of Seoul. The award winning label and flexible packaging printer primarily deals in cosmetics, household items, foods, pharmaceuticals, and more. After a comprehensive market search, Finewebtech decided to go with the Nilpeter FA-17 midst 2019, which decorated the first All New Nilpeter FA-line installation in the country. According to Erik Blankenstein, Sales Director Nilpeter Asia-Pacific; Nilpeter’s local representation by SCREEN Korea and in particular Mr. Johnny Lee, GA Company & Marketing Director, has played an important role in the Korean market development and business relationship with Finewebtech. The first press was installed in August 2019.

The Confidence to Quote Customers with Shorter Lead Times
“The flexibility on the All New FA has cut our production time significantly,” says Mr. Jang Tae-Soo, President & CEO, Finewebtech Label Solution System.

“For example, having the option to put Rotary Screen on the rail, with its own dedicated UV lamp system, has cut down our preparation time by at least 20% and increased our production capacity by more than 20%. With this, our 9-colour press is working as a 13-colour press as we do not have to compromise print stations to do rotary screen. The ability to put most of the embellishment options on the rail has given our production team the confidence to quote customers with shorter lead times,” he adds.

Print Quality from the All New FA is Uncontested
“Nilpeter’s dedication and development within flexo printing has brought our print quality to an absolute top-level. By keeping the impression and the chill roller separate, print quality from the All New FA is uncontested!  Density levels are amazing. The longer web-path on each print station, and even longer web-path at the end for varnish, gives fantastic print and varnish results,” says Mr. Lloyd Jang, General Director, Finewebtech Label Solution System.

”We have many different flexo press brands in-house, and I have to say, the machine downtime on the Nilpeter press is incomparable. And we’ve experienced nothing but quick response times and solutions from the Nilpeter team. When faced with complicated new jobs, the Nilpeter application team is always of great help,” he continues.

Two Additional Nilpeter Presses on the Books
“We have just signed off on our 2nd & 3rd Nilpeter All New FA presses and we are looking forward to further expanding and streamlining our business. We feel very confident that the level of automation, efficiency and flexibility that our additional two FA-lines will bring, will allow us to make this happen,” Mr. Jang Tae-Soo, President & CEO, Finewebtech Label Solution System concludes.

Sorma Ibérica Grows With Installation of New FA-14
Spanish printing company, Sorma Ibérica, a true pioneer in the manufacturing of self-adhesive labels, has recently acquired a new Nilpeter flexo press.
Image collection:

The 14” wide flexographic printing press is part of the FA product line offered by the Danish press manufacturer. It is considered as one of the most modern and automated pieces of equipment within the label printing industry. Designed to produce high-quality labels and flexible packaging, the printing press stands out for its high level of automation, the superb printing quality and its ability to handle quick job change-over.

Antonio Tomás, CEO of Sorma Ibérica, explains why he continues to trust the Danish brand to expand Sorma’s production line.
“The choice came given by the demands of our customers and the experience we already had with Nilpeter. It was the team that adapts to the current situation and responds to what we need. The market and our customers require us to manufacture sophisticated and high-quality labels in addition to printing guarantees.”

A few months after the installation of the equipment at its facilities in Valencia, Sorma Iberica was asked if the equipment met their expectations.
“It has met our expectations, we did not expect any less. We have known Nilpeter for 20 years and do not doubt its quality. We are very happy with the new printing press, it is a great machine that gives us a lot of security. We feel like a part of Nilpeter - it is a serious and professional brand. We trust the brand and after the experience we will continue to trust.”

At such a delicate moment for all companies due to the Covid-19 crisis, Esagraf, Nilpeter’s agent in Spain, specifically thanks Sorma Ibérica for their trust placed in our team during all these years.
“We highlight their great work and professionalism in the printing industry and we look forward to continuing to accompany them for a long time.”

Envases Group acquires FA-22 for Buenos Aires Plant
Argentinian packaging holding, Envases Group, has aquired a Nilpeter FA-22 Multi-Substrate Press to further build on their leading status in the South American region.
Image collection:

Envases Group has plants in Buenos Aires, San Luis and in Cartagena, Colombia, and specializes in aerosol aluminium and tinplate cans. Last year, the company launched a new pharmaceutical packaging division with the acquisition of the only roll-to-roll Hapa digital printer in Latin America.

The Latest and Safest Printing Quality
"This jump in technology, versus the flexo and gravure solvent based machines currently used in the Argentinian market, alongside the acquisitions of the new Nilpeter FA-22 will allow us to offer our customers the latest alternatives in printing quality, but also the safest, as they are nitro free," Ignacio Siccardi, Head of Pharmaceutical Division, Envases Group says.

"Lately, in the pharma world, there have been some repercussions about how nitro-based primers and inks react to the temperature in the blister machine lines, and produce nitrosamines which is a compound that causes cancer in humans. That's why UV LED and nitro-free inks are the future of printing in pharma," Ignacio Siccardi continues.

"Our idea and ambition with this investment is to back our customers with their new high velocity blister lines, and offer them a safe, excellent quality and quick lead times to better meet their needs, in either flexo or digital, and in any design," Ignacio Siccardi concludes.

The Modular Multi-Substrate FA-22
The FA-Line is the most versatile flexo press on the market – designed to accommodate the printer's ever-growing needs, and built around the modern print operator, with an intuitive user-interface and fully mobile print controls. The modular, multi-substrate FA-22 provides a maximum level of stability, the tightest register tolerance, and excellent printing results on multiple substrates; all normal self-adhesive materials, including flexible packaging films, polymer films, metallic films, and paper.

"With this investment, Envases Group joins a very special segment in our market. This press will mainly be used to print on aluminium blister substrates, and only a small group of press manufactures around the world has gained access to this market by supplying the correct press technology. We are very pleased to enter into this partnership and excited to see what the future holds for Envases Group," says Nils Evers, General Manager, Nilpeter Latin America.


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