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Labelmaster expands with Nilpeter press

Helping make the world a safer place. That may seem a lofty goal for a label printer, but it is the long-standing operational mantra of Labelmaster, Chicago, Illinois. Greg Kishbaugh of Flexo Market News reports:

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Labelmaster specializes in labels for the transport of dangerous goods, substances that when mishandled or with inappropriate guidelines pose a risk to health, safety, property or the environment.

When the average consumer considers dangerous goods, they invariable think of explosives, radioactive materials, flammable liquids, dangerous or volatile chemicals, strong acids, compressed gases, poisons and aerosols. What they may not know is the abundance of everyday items that not only fall onto this list but also make up its majority. Items such as teeth whiteners, cosmetics, perfume, nail polish and cell phones.

story LM Manufacturing Management Team

Labelmaster's management team welcomes the increased capacity capable with the new Nilpeter press, (left to right) Greg Selan, Mike Kaufman, Robin Conner, Alberto Pina and Greg Marks.

The average consumer would also be surprised to learn that, according to U.S. government statistics from 2014, there are 1.4 million DG shipments per day, with 94 percent of those transported by highway. 

The importance of Labelmaster’s work is reflected in a story the company often relays at company functions. In 1947, in the port city of Texas City, Texas, a ship carrying ammonium nitrate exploded, killing nearly 600 people and destroying more than 500 nearby homes. It remains the deadliest hazardous material accident in U.S. history and it underscores the great responsibility inherent in the company’s work.

“We occasionally share the Texas City story … to remind ourselves that what we do really matters,” said Dwight Curtis, Vice Chairman and former President. “If the right steps aren’t followed, problems can ensue. And sometimes those problems can have tragic consequences.”

Safe transportation

Founded by Harry Fund in 1967, Labelmaster’s first products were labels for transportation companies. When the U.S. Department of Transportation released new regulations regarding transporting hazardous materials, Fund realized a need for labels that offered instructions on care and safe shipping. In response, the company introduced placards for trucks signifying there were hazardous materials onboard.

In 1970, the company introduced Spacemaster® 100, a flip placard system familiar to all motorists that allows trucks and tankers to display various signage indicating the vehicle is transporting dangerous goods. The system has become an invaluable tool for first responders, alerting them to the contents on the truck when arriving on the scene of accidents.

One of the company’s key technological breakthroughs came about in the mid 1990s when a multi-national delivery service approached the company asking for guidance. The delivery service was having difficulty shipping dangerous goods and the company found itself in the position of having to refuse any hazmat packages. To combat this problem, Labelmaster developed and introduced MasterForm, a computerized form filler and checker. 

Expanding Base

Labelmaster currently counts more than 70 Fortune 100 among its customer base and serves more than 500 industries in total. Last year, the company printed 125 million individual labels and 8.1 million individual placards. 

Without question, the biggest obstacle for companies involved in the production and transport of Dangerous Goods is the mountain of regulations for which they must adhere.

“Keeping customers informed about changing regulations is the most challenging part of our jobs,” said Mike Kaufman, Vice President, Production and Technology with Labelmaster. “We spend every bit as much, if not more, time talking with our customers about compliance issues than we do about our products.”

“The value of compliance is of immeasurable importance,” said Mike Brown, Senior Marketing Manager. “one goal is to help our customers’ businesses grow as we help them meet and exceed what is expected of them in terms of regulations.”

Kaufman worked at Labelmaster from 1995 to 2000 and then returned to the company in 2013. The pace of change since he’d been gone is daunting, but he feels it’s been the most rewarding element of his new position in the company. “The pace of change is amazing,” he said. “The world is much quicker paced, which means we must react accordingly and we cannot make any mistakes.

“As technology advances,” said Kaufman, “so do customer demands. We must be prepared to offer quicker turnaround times without sacrificing in quality.”

The ability to continue to meet customer expectations and satisfy needs led the company to recently install a brand-new FA press from Nilpeter. The press offers a host of features such as clean-hand technology; vertical auto-lock system; driven chill rollers; multi-operator interface; custom-built configuration; new CLEANINKING design; multi-substrate printing; sleeve-based printing; and value-adding units ready.

Embracing Change

The cornerstone of Nilpeter’s press is its embrace of a changing workforce and the ways in which technology can help flexo printing change and grow. “Presses with the fastest changeovers and minimal waste are to be expected, our current machine innovations are clean hand technology solutions for a generation [that] has been raised on disruptive technologies,” the company states.

“Our press operators were quick to embrace the new technology,” said Kaufman. “Our average operator has been with the company about 20 years and have been very happy not only with the press speed but with its ease of use and quick set up times. The press runs so much faster than previous presses we had to install an ink pumping station to keep up.”

“The new press has allowed us to dramatically increased capacity,” said Brown. “It allows our capacity to meet our needs.”

“There are always issues to resolve when installing a new press,” said Kaufman. “Always. And this is really where Nilpeter set itself apart. The company was so quick to respond to our questions and addressing any issues that came up. And the training the company provided made certain our operators were given the proper tools to make the installation a success.”

Nilpeter to debut three presses at Labelexpo Americas 2018
Nilpeter will showcase no less than three presses at Labelexpo Americas 2018
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The All New FA, the PANORAMA Hybrid, and the new FB-350. The FA and the PANORAMA Hybrid will display on the Nilpeter booth while the FB-350 will feature on the KURZ booth. All three presses make their US debut at the Chicago show following the worldwide product launch at last year’s Labelexpo Europe in Belgium.

Industry 4.0

Nilpeter’s new offerings are ideally suited for the next generation of printers, and the needs of Industry 4.0. By automating almost all processes, Nilpeter has maintained a competitive advantage while solving challenges for today’s print workforce.
The new FA, for example, offers complete clean-hand operation from wireless tablets, hand held or positioned anywhere on the front of the machine. All new machines offer total job store and recall, completely automated controls and full connectivity. Furthermore, by applying module methodology to both mechanics and software, printers are able to enhance and execute new opportunities without a complete reinvestment.


Two New Presses on the Nilpeter Booth #3205

The FA is the latest addition to Nilpeter’s market-leading flexo program, built around the modern press operator and designed to accommodate the printer’s ever-growing needs. The FA provides a maximum level of stability, the tightest register tolerance, and excellent printing results on multiple substrates.
Nilpeter’s digital product line, PANORAMA, covers a wide and varied spectrum of customer requirements – from stand-alone to all-round, and value-added hybrid configurations. The PANORAMA Hybrid on display will feature an advanced 5-colour digital InkJet print engine, UV-lamination, and a semi-rotary die station, among others.


The Cherry on Top at KURZ #1816 & #1817

The FB-350 represents the latest generation of highly efficient label printing, packed with new features such as Automated Plate Positioning System (APPS), pre-register and re-register functionality, in an attractive, new design. The press on display features both hot foil and the new DM-LINER® UV-INK Roll-to-Roll: Built-on® unit from KURZ.

labelExpo Kurz Nilpeter-story

A Quote from Paul Teachout, VP Sales & Marketing, Nilpeter USA

“With three new products on display, saying we’re excited would be an understatement. We’re triple excited! The All New FA will be making its North American debut after a very successful launch in Brussels last year. It will be running the award winning Bellissima DMS technology in expanded gamut. We will also debut the new PANORAMA UV-InkJet digital hybrid solution with Nilpeter’s own semi-rotary die station. A complete digital and finishing system, all inline and all from …your printing partner,” Paul Teachout says.
“Last but not least, we will debut the new FB-350, the latest generation of our workhorse FB-Line, on the KURZ booth. KURZ will present their new DM-LINER® UV-INK Roll-to-Roll: Built-on® unit on the FB-350, showing just how flexible this press is in adapting the latest UV-InkJet offerings. This year’s show will be three times as exciting for us, and we invite you all to come take part in the experience,” he concludes.

Click to view the Labelexpo Americas 2018 video

Nilpeter at Swedish Flexoforum 2018
August 28th to 30th, we will participate to the bi-annual Miller Graphics Flexoforum in Sunne, Sweden. The program of events includes a combination of technology, market issues, leadership and entertainment.
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The Flexoforum’s program of events will include seminars, networking, and workshops within the packaging industry. Flexoforum invites to inspiring lectures on future developments and innovations, performed by renowned speakers such as Magnus Wikström, Chief Technical Officer at BillerudKorsnäs and Lube Belokozovski, Design & Innovation Manager at Smurfit Kappa Sverige AB, and many more.

Miller Graphics invites you to on Open House with a guided tour at the production site in Sunne. There will be demonstrations and mini seminars on site.

Join us at the Nilpeter table top.

Read more about the event at:

Miller Group Open House Sunne Sweden_605x

Miller Graphics at the production site in Sunne.

Olympus reaches a new high with three Nilpeter FA-4* flexo presses
Olympus Print Group, UK specialists in self-adhesive labels and large format digital print, has increased capacity and market share in wine and beverage and high-end labels, with the acquisition of three Nilpeter FA-4* flexo presses over the course of the last 18 months.
Image collection:

The expansion began three years ago when we moved to a large new factory here in Pudsey outside of Leeds. Nilpeter’s 24-hour hotline was a big help during the move, where we transported our six existing FA-4/FB-presses along with other production equipment. Once everything was sorted with machinery and staff we took the next step in our expansion plan – adding new machinery to complement the capacity of our combination flexo and InkJet digital presses and increasing our capabilities to better serve customers in wine and beverage, among others,” says Adrian Brown, Managing Director at Olympus Print Group.

The Perfect Solution for Olympus

We’re ecstatic to continue our cooperation with Adrian and Olympus. The new FA-4* presses offer the perfect solution for their venture – and success – into high-end wine and beverage labels, while meeting the growing global trend of short run jobs and small repeat lengths. It has been a pleasure working with Olympus on their old presses, the factory relocation, and last but not least with their newest press acquisitions. We look forward to continuing this great partnership, helping with overall press service and maintenance, and growing their print capabilities and portfolio,” says Nick Hughes, Managing Director at Nilpeter Ltd.

Increased Capacity with a Soft Learning Curve

“The expansion and acquisition of three new presses were largely customer-driven; new work came our way, orders were up, and we saw more requests for high-end label features and value-added embellishments. The result has been impressive both for customers and staff – and we couldn’t be happier. Since adding the three FA-4* presses we have doubled our capacities in foiling and embossing, and increased our screen-printing capacity. The new presses offer technical compatibility, and the ease-of-use provides a soft learning curve for printers and new apprentices” Adrian Brown, Olympus, concludes.

Adrian Brown, managing director of Olympus Print Group story

Adrian Brown, managing director of Olympus Print Group

LabelExpo Americas 2018 is upon us
LabelExpo Americas 2018 is upon us and as usual, we are suiting up and bringing you the latest in clean-hand flexo and digital printing technology.
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Stop by Booth #3205 in Hall B and experience the US Expo Debut of The All New FA and the PANORAMA Hybrid

Nilpeter will showcase The All New FA and the PANORAMA Hybrid at LabelExpo Americas 2018, both manufactured at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio, and both making their US expo debuts following the official product launch at last year's LabelExpo Europe 2017 in Brussels, Belgium.

LabelExpo Europe 2017 people

Last year's LabelExpo Europe 2017 in Brussels, Belgium

The All New FA

The FA is the latest addition to Nilpeter’s market-leading flexo program, built around the modern press operator and designed to accommodate the printer’s ever-growing needs. The FA provides a maximum level of stability, the tightest register tolerance, and excellent printing results on multiple substrates.

Nilpeter_New_FA-LineyPANORAMA Hybrid 

Nilpeter’s digital product line, PANORAMA, covers a wide and varied spectrum of customer requirements – from stand-alone to all-round, and value-added hybrid configurations. The PANORAMA Hybrid on display will feature an advanced digital InkJet print engine, UV-lamination, and a semi-rotary die station, among others.


Register now and secure access to this year’s show to see the latest in flexo and digital hybrid printing from Nilpeter. As always, we are more than happy to provide special demos on our presses, so please reach out by phone +1 513 489 4400 or email [email protected] to schedule a press demo during show days, or following the show at our Technology Center in Cincinnati.

Experience Kurz in action on a Nilpeter FB-350

At booth 1817, KURZ will demonstrate their built-on unit which is connected to an 8-colour Nilpeter FB-Line. This DM-LINER® UV-INK Roll-to-Roll:Built-on® unit is a flexibly engaged retrofit module for flexographic and offset printing machines. It can be integrated into production line when required via the rail system and has impressive design freedom thanks to up or downstream color printing.

Your Starting Line for High Performance

The FB-Line represents the latest generation of highly efficient label printing. Nilpeter has added a large number of innovative features and packaged the machine in an attractive, new design. The new FB-Line is an answer to the request for increased automation, higher ease of use, and operator friendliness.

Nilpeter FB-350 Servo

Digital Digital Digital

The underlying theme for KURZ at Label Expo 2018 America this year is Digital. Digital. Digital.  Due to the high demand of variable content while also maintaining premium designs, KURZ has introduced two digital foiling units to the narrow web environment and both will be premiered live at our booth in Hall A at 1816 and 1817.

KURZ is the global leader in hot/cold stamping technologies and foils, heat transfer decorations and stamping tools/machines.  Providing full service, exceptional global consistency, we are the experts in maintaining brand standards, new technologies and decoration developments which enhance brands with exceptional beauty and functionality for a variety of flexible substrates in both traditional press and even digital production environments. Enhancements such as lenses, holographic foils, and a huge library of foil shades.

Read more: DM-LINER UV INK Built-ON

labelExpo Kurz Nilpeter-story


Nilpeter USA advances partner support in the Northeast Region
Nilpeter is pleased to announce a restructure of our partner support setup in the Northeast region. Effective July 1, 2018, Keith Nagle will be taking over sales responsibilities in the Northeast region from Senior Sales Representative Bob Loescher.
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A Wealth of Knowledge and Support

Keith Nagle has been the Nilpeter Digital Product Manager and Technology Manager for the past two years. Prior to that Keith Nagle was an Applications Specialist, and has a long history in Production Management. As a frequent committee chair and speaker at many industry events Keith Nagle brings with him a wealth of knowledge and support to continue Nilpeter’s presence as a preferred solutions provider in the region.

Structure in Place for Continued Success

Bob Loescher has done a tremendous job in maintaining and growing Nilpeter’s market recognition in the region, and leaves behind a great structure, which enables Keith Nagle to continue on with that success. Bob Loescher will be moving on from Nilpeter as he accepts an administrative sales position with Compass Color and Coatings. He will stay on through June to insure a smooth transition and no lapse in partner support.

A Great Asset to the Nilpeter Team

“Bob Loescher has been a great asset to the Nilpeter team. His attention to detail and his professional drive have been second to none. We are sad to see him leave our team but know he is going to a great opportunity and industry partner. There is no better person to step into his role then Keith Nagle, he will hit the ground running without hesitation. Nilpeter is very fortunate to have the depth of resources that continue to make the brand stronger. Nilpeter wishes nothing but success for both these gentlemen” says Paul Teachout, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Nilpeter USA.

Bob Loescher is moving on from Nilpeter into an administrative sales position with Compass Color and Coatings.Bob Loescher is moving on from Nilpeter into an administrative sales position with Compass Color and Coatings.

Color-Logic certifies Nilpeter's Panorama digital press
L&NW reports that Panorama users can offer 250 metallic colors, together with unlimited decorative effects, with no post-finishing required.
Image collection:

Color-Logic has certified the Nilpeter Panorama DP-3 standalone digital press for use with the Color-Logic process for label applications.

Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves, on confirming the certification, says, "Test samples of Color-Logic printing done on the Nilpeter Panorama digital press were outstanding.  Color-Logic has worked with Nilpeter conventional presses since our founding nearly ten years ago, ensuring that converters who currently operate Nilpeter flexo presses and add the Nilpeter Panorama will be able to utilize the Color-Logic process both flexo and digital printing."

Geeves adds, "Nilpeter Panorama customers can provide 250 metallic colors to clients, together with unlimited decorative effects created at the design stage with no post-finishing required.  The combination of Color-Logic and Nilpeter makes our decorative special effects and metallic colors available to Nilpeter press owners around the world."

Read more about Color-Logic's decorative and reflective color communications system here.

Read the story at L&NW:


Nilpeter at FINAT European Label Forum 2018
The European Label Forum (ELF) is hosted by FINAT and takes place once a year. Its programme extends over three days and offers a unique source of knowledge, experience and networking key to the strategic success of label businesses.
Image collection:

This year the event will take place on 6 - 8 June 2018 in Dublin, Ireland. The Label Forum is the annual summit for business leaders, media representatives, and stakeholders along the labelling value chain in Europe. More than 250 peers in the industry will attend this event.

As in previous years, the programme covers a range of issues that have been or will soon be on boardroom agendas of labels and packaging solutions providers across Europe.

Topics on this year’s “ELF” agenda include among other things the following topics:

·        The European label industry after Brexit;

·        Diversification of the labels and narrow web industry into short-run packaging;

·        Intelligent labels and packaging;

·        Recruitment and retention of talent;

·        The state of affairs in digital label printing (based on FINAT commissioned research);

·        The total cost of ownership (TCO) of different label printing technologies;

·        The latest innovations in brand protection;

·        Branding your company via online marketing;

·        Managing food compliance regulations;

·        Preparing for upcoming legislation on serialization and tamper evidence.

FINAT's European Label Forum aims to serve as the annual business summit for the labelling community in Europe. In this format, the Forum has replaced the FINAT Congress as the association's annual industry conference.

Nilpeter is Gold Sponsor of this event.

Read more about the conference at:

How Phipps Label is Building For the Future
Package Printing reports that Phipps Label invest in the future. This is an extract of Editor-in-Chief of packagePRINTING, Cory Francer.
Image collection:

After spending the day touring the Nilpeter manufacturing facility, viewing demo presses and testing out his company’s jobs, Greg Phipps had one lingering question:

What are the big boys buying?

Phipps, the owner of Sinking Spring, Pa.-based Phipps Label, was in the market for a new flexo press, and he needed one that would be a catalyst for his 15-employee business to expand beyond pressure-sensitive labels into new products like shrink sleeves and flexible packaging.

The answer Phipps received to his bold question was the new Nilpeter FA, a 17˝ press featuring an immense level of automation — so much so that the press is controlled by a mobile tablet, rather than traditional knobs and cranks.

Though the technology driving the FA was a revelation to Phipps, he could immediately tell the press had the potential to be the solution he was looking for. After all, he says, he was not looking for a machine to add capacity with the same capabilities he already had. He needed a press that could do something new.

We have some real good customers who are national companies,” Phipps says. “If you want to keep those guys, they want to see that you’re invested in the future, so when they want to move on and do something really elaborate, they don’t have to go somewhere else. They know Phipps can do it.

Read the full story on

From left, Matt Thierolf, COO of Phipps Label, and the manager of Phipps Label’s finishing department, review a job coming off the press_story

From left, Matt Thierolf, COO of Phipps Label, and the manager of Phipps Label’s finishing department, review a job coming off the press.

European leader in self-adhesive labelling
Geostick did their due diligence and considered other press manufacturers for the job, but in the end, Nilpeter offered the best solution at the right cost.
Image collection:

Geostick Group, one of the biggest label printers in Europe, and the leader in the field of self-adhesive labels, has acquired a new Nilpeter FA to future-proof production and add capabilities in flexible packaging, special tags, and self-adhesive labels. Geostick has a long-standing relationship with Nilpeter, and the new FA complements their existing line-up totalling five Nilpeter FA-4 presses at locations in Utihoorn and The Hague, Holland.

The Challenge

Geostick faced challenges of needing to replace old equipment, expand capacity, and increase quality and register accuracy in the production of self-adhesive labels and complex tags in back and front printing.

To solve these challenges we simply had to upgrade technology, shorten setup times, decrease waste, and ease operations for our printers. We have done all this with the new FA,” says Cees Schouten, Operations Director at Geostick Group. “In our Geostick Labels & Tags division we also produce labels for Healthcare, where perfect print quality and very accurate registering is a must, which the FA also enables,” Cees Schouten adds.

The Solution

Geostick did their due diligence and considered other press manufacturers for the job, but in the end, Nilpeter offered the best solution at the right cost.

We have a long history with Nilpeter, and currently have four FA-4 presses in Uithoorn, and one at our plant in The Hague. We are very satisfied with the quality, service, and efficiency of that press, so it was natural to go with the new FA for this project. We considered other press manufacturers, but Nilpeter gives us the perfect solution at the right price, and with this investment we can secure our customers the best quality at competitive pricing,” says Cees Schouten.

The Result

With the new FA, Geostick will upgrade and improve their production of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging.

First off, the new FA gives us more standardization in the Geostick Group as a whole, allowing us to become more flexible. We will also have the possibility to serve our Tag clients with more opportunities in multiple colours. We are sure that with this new FA, Geostick Group is ready for the future and has taken a big step for further growth,” Cees Schouten concludes.

With this investment we now have the same printing technology in all 3 of our production plants. The production plant in Heumen, where Jan Pieter Brandwijk is the Plant Director, now has the newest technology, aswel.

About Geostick

Geostick is a family company, established in 1924 by Mr. P.J. Berveling, grandfather of the current owner. Geostick is one of the biggest label printers in Europe and a market leader in the field of self-adhesive labels. Besides conventional printing, Geostick also leads the market in digital printing, and supplies label printers, offers maintenance, labelling software, transfer foil, warning labels, healthcare labels, flexible packaging, tags, tickets, barcode stickers, and warehouse labels. Geostick is innovative and leads the market in printing technologies, such as printing with silver ink, mosaic, and the printing of compostable materials.

May 2018


Geostick Group rings the bell at Nilpeter Headquarters in Slagelse, Denmark.


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