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Become Sustainable

Attention to your carbon footprint is becoming inevitable, and the label industry is increasing its focus on sustainability.

What issues do you have to consider? How do you reduce your CO2 emission – without compromising your competitiveness? Waste, recycling, pollution prevention, power consumption all come into play if you want to run a sustainable printing business. And if you choose the right solutions, you actually reduce costs and reduce your strain on the environment.

Our department for Strategic Development & Innovation is very much aware of these concerns. To reduce your amount of wasted substrate, reduce your power consumption and thereby your CO2 emission, Nilpeter presses reduce the use of setup material, they consume limited power, and they are prepared for very thin substrates. Moreover, we install the latest within UV-lamps with state-of-the-art efficiency for reduced power consumption. Lately we have integrated environmentally safe solvent gravure by developing a superior water-protected ventilation system, and in light of the increased focus on UV-inks in food packaging, we collaborate closely with suppliers of low migration inks.

Your press operators’ health is crucial when running a sustainable business, which is why we focus on ergonomic designs.

Green Thinking

Becoming sustainable is a continuous process. We keep constant track of the latest developments in terms of green thinking. In that way we are sure to provide you with innovative, sustainable machines.

We collaborate closely with FINAT to support the sustainability trend. The FINAT Sustainability, Recycling and Regulatory Affairs Committees are actively working to inform members, initiate new projects, and to represent the common interest of the members towards decision makers at a European level.

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